Watershed Dams

The Robert E. Lee Soil and Water Conservation District oversees the operation and maintenance of six watershed dams. Three watershed dams are located along the East Fork Falling River in Appomattox County. In Campbell County the three watershed dams are located along the Little Falling River. These impoundments provide flood control and sediment control for large rain events. The district keeps a routine schedule on checking the watershed dams and any major rain fall events require extra visits to inspect. Also in an event of an earthquake in the area the dams are also inspected for issues. All 6 dams have been registered under the Dam Watch program to alert staff if major rain events are coming. The district worked on updating each watershed dam’s EAP. In November all six watershed dams were inspected by DCR with all passing. In January work began to plan out a graded filter drain project for the Watts Dam in Campbell Co.  The district maintains the six watershed dams to keep them in the best shape possible to handle hazardous weather conditions