The Clean Water Farm award recognizes and thanks Virginia producers who:

  • Are enacting conservation practices that positively impact soil and water quality
  • Are role models who encourage others in the stewardship of natural resources

Local Award
Winners in SWCD areas receive a “Clean Water Farm Award”

Congratulations to Our Award Recipients
2022 Robert E Lee SWCD Clean Water Farm Awards
Kinkle Robinson Appomattox County

Laithreach Farms was the recipient of the 2021 Clean Water Farm Award. Laithreach Farms is a family owned beef cattle operation in Pamplin, VA. Their property consists of 1300 acres with 550 being in pasture and the rest divided between planted pines and hardwood timber. They run 150 Angus brood cows in a rotational grazing system. “Thanks to the help provided by RELSWCD we no longer have cattle in the creeks on our farm. RELSWCD helped us strategically install cattle waters to work within a created grazing paddock design. Our grazing management plan allows us to stockpile grass for fall grazing. The ability too stockpile has been a cost saver for our operation by eliminating any fall hay production. Additionally, our cattle have become more docile because we move our cattle to new pasture every few days. This increased interaction with the cattle only makes the cattle easier to handle. We are currently taking steps to improve the soil health of our pastures. We believe with better soil health; we will grow more and better grass which will lead to healthier and more productive cattle. Thanks to RELSWCD for all their help.”