Erosion Control

Erosion is the movement of soil. Elemental forces such as wind, rain and flooding displace and transport the soil. Erosion naturally occurs but the rate can be accelerated by the lack of cover on the land (vegetation), soil compaction (reduced water infiltration), human and animal traffic and land disturbing activities.

The types of water related erosion start out with splash of water and turn into Sheet, Rill and Gully erosion.

The first line of defense against the occurrence of erosion is to make sure you intercept the rainwater with a cover on the soil. This includes trees and shrub that create a leave layer each fall, grass, mulch, straw, erosion control matting or any other organic matter that can create a canopy over the soil and then decompose into more permeable soil that allows water to infiltrate and not runoff.



Land Disturbing Activities must abide by:

VA Erosion and Sediment Control Laws and Regulations