Amherst Watershed Protection Program

Amherst’s protected watersheds include the drinking water supplies for the Town and County of Amherst. They include the Buffalo River watershed, Graham Creek and Harris Creek watersheds.

The Amherst Watershed Coorindator is in charge of the watershed assessments to determine water pollution impairments, stream monitoring/data, administering the watershed protection ordinance and recruiting landowners to participate in programs and install conservation practices on the ground that protect drinking water supplies at the source.

2017 Internship Katherine_Willow
Interns, Katherine Robertson (Sweet Briar College) and Willow Mikles (Amherst County High School), help monitor local streams within the protected watersheds and collect water quality data.
(March 2017)

The watershed areas outlined in black are the protetected watersheds of Amherst County (click to enlarge the map).


Come visit the NEW Watershed Display at the Amherst County Administrative Building!!!

AWPP Display

Watch these videos and learn about your local drinking water supplies:

Drinking water supply for the Town of Amherst

Drinking water supply for the County of Amherst

Producers participating in Ag. conservation cost-share programs may be eligible for additional cost-share through the Amherst County Service Authority local water quality BMP grant. The money is generated though the water users rate fees and is used to help assist producers with installing conservation practices on farms located within the protected watersheds. These conservation practies help protect local drinking water supplies at the source. Eligible landowners could receive local cost-share to cover up to 25% of the total project cost to install conservation practices on their land.

Kendrick Farm

For more information about the
Amherst Watershed Protection Program contact:

Anne Marie Roberts
Amherst Watershed Coordinator  
(434) 851-7043