Amherst Tree Buffer Program

Thank you to all the 2018 Amherst Tree Buffer Program Volunteers! We planted over 1,300 trees in Amherst County along over 2,000 feet of streams…Way to go!!

This program assists Amherst County landowners with planting native grasses, shrubs and trees adjacent to waterways in Amherst County. Stream side buffers have many functions and values including protecting drinking water supplies at the source.

Hannah Rank 2015 ATBPAugustine 2 Fall 2015 Girling buffer with text

Other functions and values of riparian (stream-side) buffers include:

  • Intercepts and filters out pollutant runoff such as sediment, fertilizer, animal waster and chemicals.
  • Provides shade and maintains coolor water temperatures for fish and other aquatic life.
  • Cycles nutrients
  • Enhances wildlife habitat
  • Roots stablize stream banks and provide fish habitat along the stream’s edge.
  • Prevents soil erosion and holds the land in place.
  • Increases property value.
  • Absorbs storm-water and controls flooding.
  • Restores native plant communities.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Maintains stream channel integrity.
  • Increase water clarity and quality for fishing, swimming and boating.
  • Lowers water filtration costs and treatments.
  • Improves drinking water quality and quantity.
 A riparian buffer is nature’s last line of defense for improving water quality. More improvements will be seen with a wider buffer.

2013_Sullivan_Tubepicture Sweet Gum River Birch done with tube

Learn more by watching this video about stream side buffers!

Amherst Tree Buffer Program Brochure

Nov 15, 2017: New Era Progress Article

To sign up your property for 2019 or for more information contact:

Anne Marie Roberts
(434) 851-7043


Anne Marie (Clarke) Roberts, Amherst Watershed Coordinator, was awarded one of the 2016 Chesapeake Forest Champion Awards!! She accepted her award at the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s Watershed Forum


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